Why Mouthfeel?

Mouthfeel: noun \ˈmau̇th-ˌfēl\ the sensation created by food or drink in the mouth

There are only two foods that have a melting point right around room temperature: butter and chocolate. It gives them both a completely different quality from any other food, and makes them our favorites.

The idea of mouthfeel is something we giggle over every time we hear about it. Poncie began talking about mouthfeel when she started making ice cream. As an ice cream enthusiast, there’s nothing worse than having a greasy, buttery film left in your mouth after the ice cream dissolves. A few months later, her younger brother was parroting about how his food didn’t have good mouthfeel.

So we guess bad mouthfeel could be a deal breaker. With that in mind, Mouthfeel the blog was born. But of course, we added foods to the end of the URL…just in case anyone got any ideas.


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