About the editors

We are Jordan and Poncie, two roommates in Boston. We met when on the housing hunt and and quickly realized that we shared a passion for all things delicious, wholesome, and homemade. We moved here in September 2012, and have spent numerous evenings making an extraordinary meal, if only to unwind from class and postpone the inevitable studying.

Jordan is from West Virginia, but just finished college in Florida.  She’s pursuing a master’s in television. Jordan can make a muffin out of any ingredient at the market. She loves Italian food and is constantly on the prowl for cheap and easy dinner. She has a weakness for guacamole and tortilla chips.

Poncie is from the D.C. area, but just finished college in California.  She’s pursuing a master’s in science journalism. She doesn’t eat much meat, and has been known to go on an environmentalist kick every week or so. She gets easily fixated on Asian cooking, but sometimes worries she’ll never truly be able to make it authentically. Her favorite food to make (and eat) is ice cream.

We also invite friends to periodically blog with us.


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